10 Perfect Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin


Are you upset that your skin gets a little more sensitive than your friend’s? Then you should know that your skin is resistant to probably a formula that contains fragrance or alcohol-like irritating ingredients.

Get the knowledge of the right beauty products that not only beautify your face but also take care of it. But before trying out any of the products, it is always good to dab some of it on a patch of your hand to see if the product suits your skin type. If you see rashes, just don’t go further. Here are our top picks of skincare products for sensitive skin.

1. Face Wipes

These face wipes control your skin breakouts. They also contain hydrating glycerine, a hydrating agent that leaves your skin fresh and healthy. Plush, alcohol-free face wipes help in hydrating and cleansing your skin in addition to deodorizing. Extra thick cloth wipes are formulated to be used as full-body refreshers. Go for ones that have chamomile or calendula extracts that help in soothing the skin.

2. Face Exfoliators

Exfoliators in facial products shouldn’t be harsh as they will end up forming tiny cuts on skin’s top layer. Thus your skin becomes raw and irritated. Face exfoliators that use jojoba beads leave your skin with a soothing touch. Rice barn beads in this beauty product are ideal for sensitive skin types and also have anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Eye Cream

Area around the eye is extremely thin. It can get easily irritated even in case of not-so-sensitive skin. So ensure that the eye cream chosen does not harm even if it accidentally enters into your eye. An eye cream that is fragrance-free has a gel formula is just the right one as its contents are fruit olive oil and moisturizing cotton extract.

4. Cleansers

Many a soap and a cleanser has fragrances that make the skin dry and harsh. Choose the one that won’t clog pores for a rash-free and improved skin. That helps eliminate the onset of acne or any other reaction. A gentle cleanser like the Neutrogena Ultra is just the right type to care for your skin in every season.

5. Moisturizer

Again, don’t use a moisturizer that is heavy on fragrance. Try the ones with hypoallergenic formulae score high when it comes to taking care of sensitive skin. While sensitive may show adverse effects with using new products, moisturizers that are formulated with lavender and chamomile extracts and avocado oils are good at nourishing and relieving stressed skin.

6. Sunscreen Lotion

It is really hard to find the right sunscreen for sensitive skin. Pick the lotion that has the right combination of zinc oxide plus titanium oxide and which is also free of any irritating chemicals. This helps it keep the skin away from damage caused with its long term UV light exposure. Sun screen lotions should always have SPF more than 30 in order to have the desired effect while protecting the skin.

7. Night Cream

Your body rejuvenates itself at night. Give it a non-comedogenic – meaning it arrests the skin break out – fragrance-free gel cream that will work overtime to reduce any redness on your skin. A night cream that has licorice root extract in it does give the formula an extra edge over others and offers a radiant and more hydrated complexion to the skin.

8. Cleansing Juju Bar

Use this bar to dissolve oil and dirt and to gently exfoliate the skin. Its composition: bamboo powder and thermal mud. It being 100 % free of fragrance and soap, its pH level is 6.34 when others have 9 and above. That helps it preserve your skin’s natural oils. Choose a juju bar that is free of any compounds that irritate the skin.

9. Skin Foundation

While picking a makeup product like foundation, see to it that it is oil and fragrance free and has hydrating glycerine. Skin foundation is a perfect foundation package that does its function well for your skin. While water-based liquid foundations and mineral foundations are ideal for oily skin, liquid and stick foundations that are cream based are good for dry skin.

10. Hazel Toner

This toner is free of fragrance, alcohol and parabens. Again, it being hypoallergenic does not dry or irritate the skin. It is also rich in Aloe Vera and is great for any sensitive skin. They help in removing excess oil from the skin and actually help in preventing breakouts for those who have acne-prone skin while also soothing it from inside.

In the nut shell, while buying any beauty product ensure that it’s fragrance free and has skin enriching natural ingredients like coconut oil or canola or Aloe Vera. And allow your skin to breathe fresh for long.