Uber Will Not Re-Apply for Self-Driving Car Permit in California


Following its fatal crash in Tempe last week which claimed a life, Uber has been suspended from autonomous vehicle testing in Arizona. Now the company does not have plans to re-apply for the self-driving car permit in AZ.

Ex-employees of Uber say that the test program had a few safety issues that were kind of unavoidable. However, some weaknesses could have been avoided as believed by the technologists.

The debate over self-driving cars and the safety of the passengers and the pedestrians is taking a new turn after the accident that occurred more than a week before in Tempe, Arizona. The video shows that the driver was looking away from the wheel during the time of the accident.

Even with drivers staying alert, some of Uber’s vehicles had trouble going smoothly for more than a mile if the operator didn’t use the brake or take over the wheel for a while. The same was showed in Uber’s internal report which gathered information from its driver-less testing in Arizona.

Following the accident in Tempe, Uber has suspended all its operations related to the self-driving car project and also decided not to re-apply for its permit in California. The permit ends on 31 March. Earlier, Arizona has blocked Uber’s self-driving cars in the city.

A company spokesperson is quoted as saying that they have proactively suspended all operations immediately after the Tempe accident that killed a 49-year old woman. Analysts also say that the use of fewer safety sensors by Uber is also the reason behind the accident.

Autonomous car makers in California require a number of things to follow including registrations for car and car operators, submitting reports on accidents and reports pertaining to how often the driver needs to take over.

If Uber wants to continue its self-driving tests, it will have to apply for a fresh permit again and will also have to answer any questions related to the recent accident and measures taken by them to prevent any such occurrences and a complete analysis and investigation report of the Tempe crash.