All You Need to Know About Gmail’s Biggest Redesign


The planet’s most popular email service is getting a big remake since 2013. Google made the changes official which include snooze, smart reply, high-priority notifications and confidential mode, besides a visual facelift.

The new redesigned Gmail won’t be available to every one of the Gmail’s 1.4 billion users. rather than being able to just turn it on themselves, the first to get it will be invited to optin.

Lead product manager for Gmail, Jacob Bank said, Google’s redesign was done with an eye on “making people safer and more productive.” Those sound like the priorities of business users, and there’s a distinct sense among the series of changes Google has made that we’re all going to be treated a lot more like Google’s business customers. Which is no bad thing.

The Important changes in the Gmail’s redesign are

  • Gmail Attachment Preview: Users will be able to check attachments, such as images, without opening them. 
  • Gmail Snooze Feature: Google has also rolled out a new ‘snooze’ button will allow users to snooze conversations. 
  • Easy Access to Google Tools: Google has also made it easier for people to access features that they use often such as Google Calendar, Tasks and Google Keep.
  • Gmail Nudge: Gmail will now ‘nudge’ you to follow up and respond to emails and messages with reminders that will appear next to the emails. 
  • Gmail Smart Reply: Google has also added the ‘Smart Reply’ option on the web to help users reply to messages faster.
  • High-priority Notifications: Gmail has introduced the new high-priority notifications feature for important emails.
  • Unsubscribe Suggestions: Gmail will now suggest when to unsubscribe from newsletters or offers you may not want about anymore. 
  • Risky Email Alert: The service will also send out a clear warning at the top of an email which Gmail deems potentially risky.
  • Confidential Mode: The new feature will allow users to remove the option to forward, copy, download or print emails.  Users may also choose to expire an email after a set period.

On the whole, this is the biggest set of changes that Google has ever made to its Gmail service. The new look, which has a lot of softer forms and pill-shaped buttons, will have to prove itself over time, however, the new features already look like a promising change for the better.