House Republicans Nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize


A group of 18 ardent supporters of US President Donald Trump in the House of Representatives have sent a letter on Wednesday to the Norwegian Nobel Committee nominating the President for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in easing the nuclear tensions with North Korea.

The members’ support comes after the South Korean President Moon Jae-in commented that Trump is the right person to receive the prestigious award after his successful attempt at bringing the North Korean President Kim Jon-Un to the negotiating table.

Moon further said that Trump’s policy of peace through strength is working after North Korea turned a deaf ear to international demands to cease its aggression in the region by continuously testing nuclear missiles. He added that Trump played a prominent role in North Korea denuclearization.

The letter addressed to the Nobel Committee also stressed that the administration of Trump was successful in bringing together and uniting countries including China to impose strict sanctions on North Korea which have decimated North Korea’s economy. Kin Jon-Un and Moon Jae-in pledged last week to end all the hostilities between the two countries and also work towards complete denuclearisation of the peninsula.

The US President is also preparing for his summit with Kim which will supposedly take place in three or four weeks. In a meeting held for senior secretaries, Moon was quoted as saying Trump was the right person to be nominated for the prize as what we need is just peace. An official from the presidential Blue House also confirmed the news to the media.

The comments made by the South Korean President come after a recent rally by the supporters of Trump where they demanded that the POTUS be nominated for the prize for his role in the recent reconciliation talks by North Korea.

The US President has also seen his supporters and fans chanting “Nobel” during his recent speech in Michigan where he was talking on the recent developments in the peninsula. Mr Trump said, “”A lot of good things are happening there, lots of good things…I’m not going to give you what’s actually going to happen, because we don’t really know. “But I’ll tell you one thing: We’re not playing games and…it was very rough three or four months ago…”

Only time will tell whether Trump will be the next US President to receive the Noble Prize after Barack Obama who was awarded the prize for his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people.